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Mount Alexandra Reflection


Mt Alexander College

We went to Mount Alexandra College to get more information in our science unit. We learnt about physical and chemical changes my favourite one was physical changes because of the big explosions of the dry ice we could also got touch it physically.

Another highlight of the day was the Elephant toothpaste we choose pink. It reacted well when we went to touch it, it felt all foamy. Our hand went red for the rest of the day.



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Soon as I get to school all my nerves kick in, I have never really done this before so what do I do, in my head I say I hope all our practice has been enough.  Quick roll call and hat and medication check all well. Getting on the bus made me feel really nervous. Anyway the bus trip felt like hours but it was 15 minutes.

This is the biggest school event ever. We look around trying to find the entrance we missed it so we went back and crossed the road and there we saw tall orange shaded tennis courts! Today I played HOT SHOTS at the end of the day I got used to how we played and the scores were

ROUND 1: Strathmore      (score:9) Moonee ponds (me) (score:1)
ROUND2: Essendon north    (score:5) Moonee ponds (me) (score:9)
ROUND3: Niddrie           (score:8) Moonee ponds (me) (score:9)


I had such a great day

Ebony’s Post on Friday, 12 September 2014


Easy Blog Photo
This is my car I raced against the whole 3/4s. It was very hard and I had a great time.

Hello world!


Hi my name is Ebony, and I go to mpps (thats my school). My favourite holiday was in Bali it was hot and awesome. I loved getting my hair braided and going to waterbom is a waterparck in 2014.

My hobbies are dancing and playing on the monkey bars . Iv’e got a sister thats a twin iv’e also got 2 dogs that are also twins but they are boys.

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