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How to sleep in space


How to sleep in space

In the international space you keep busy doing all sorts of things so you got to sleep.

The sleep stations are very small with a sleeping bag strapped to the wall. You don’t need pillows or a mattress because you can just relax because with no gravity you don’t need anything to hold you up. The sleep stations are located at node 2 and service module a total of 6 in each in the space international station.

Why is there a computer in the space sleep room?

Can you sleep while the space craft is in motion?

I understand that it’s comfortable and like a bed because it looks like it is an upright angle but the angle it’s on it’s a normal bed without a pillow or mattress.

The solar system – our home in space


The solar system – our home in space

The sun is orbited by 8 planets, Trillions of asteroids and comets also a few dwarf planets, the sun makes 620 million tonnes of heat a second. The 8 major planets are in 2 different groups (4 in each) separated by the sun. One of the groups are Terrestrial and the other is giant gases. Terrestrial has Mercury Venus Earth and mars and on the gas giants it has Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune. Mars has a mountain on it Olympus monks which is 26Km tall and Mount Everest is only 8Km.

How did the sun appear?

Can people live with no sun?

I understand that our star the sun is in the center of the solar system.


The ancient study of astronomy


Doing stars  and space of astronomy in term 4 2016 we watched a video on how different tribes discovered star and what they did with their information.

First fact I learnt was people from Babylon called Babylonians was interested in astronomy they created mathematical observation using their space observations. Another tribe called Maya which is an Indian tribe.  Looked into space and wrote lots of texts about their observations. They don’t exist anymore because they got burnt when they were writing them by the Spanish. We do know that they created a smart number system called the Mayan long count calendar it had the base 20 not 10 like we use today. Another tribe the ancient Greeks. Talami was a famous astronomer. Born in Egypt. He got most of his information form Hipparchus. Hipparchus is known for the father of trigonometry. He also invented precession of the equinoxes (a term of the wobbling of the earth around its axis) this machine helped explain in 12,000 years the north star Polaris won’t be there and become baker.

A question I still have is how Timali got the information off Hipparchus? Who was more successful Babylonians or Maya? I understand modern astronomy is so important and   a great deal to ancient people. The ancient people that are form our astronomy and civilisation. Were as fascinated as stars as we are today they also discovered more.

School captain application


School captain

Dear Grade 5s

My name is Ebony Manion and I have been at this school since prep.  I have a twin sister named Jacinta.  My parents have been helping and a part of the school since prep.  They have been involved with School Council and the Parents Association.

Some leadership roles I have done in the past is SRC representative, a leader of a School newspaper called the ROCC , in year 3 I participated in collecting mobile phones for the Melbourne Zoo to help save the Gorilla’s habitat and green team.

All of these programs have helped me to be a better leader, be more organised and to balance schedules well.  I was in chess club and now in a dance team which shows commitment, participation and team work.


Firstly, I believe that the role of School Captain requires good organization skills.  It is very important to have organizational skills to be ready for both expected and unexpected events.  Participating in the SRC, gorilla fundraiser and the ROCC program have all helped me to be ready, calm and efficient.

ROCC meetings weren’t always easy.  Often people would not listen, talk over each other and not contribute to the discussion.  I helped worked out some strategies and I succeeded.

We produced our first newspaper.  These skills will help me in SRC, School Council and assemblies because it will be all right if I have to do a prepared speech or non-prepared speech because I will be prepared, organised and efficient.
Secondly, it is vital to have communication skills in the role of school captain because you have to be able to talk and communicate with people older and younger than you. I think I am capable of this because I work with kids older and younger than me as friends and in the Buddy program.

I love working with younger and older kids because I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I can communicate with adults too because I learn a lot from them. In future as school captain I will talk to adults which I am capable and happy doing.  Share ideas and encourage to work as a team.

Lastly, I will talk about my new learning experiences. I am ready and open to new ideas. I am excited and ready to conduct meetings, run events also be on teams with others. This experience will be exciting and fun although I will still be able to learn from this experience.

I am willing to give this all a go. My experience in Buddies, SRC, Leader of the ROCC, Green team and the Gorilla experience for the Melbourne Zoo. Have all helped me be ready prepared and excited to be your school captain for 2017


I hope you agree, vote for me and trust me to represent you as your school captain for 2017

Kind regards,








In this unit we learnt about civics and citizenship we first about citizenship what makes a good citizen we learnt to be a loyal citizen. Then there’s civics which is more the parliament area were you make laws you elect use prime minister and other things.


Citizenship is about how loyal  you are to the country and your community and civics is all about making a bill a law. using democracy in Australia electing Prime minister. The word democracy came from 2 Greek words demos and kratos demos means people and kratos power which means people have the the power so it is called democracy. To make a law  from a bill it goes through house of representatives then the senate  you have to follow the eight values Doing your best, Care and Compassion, Freedom, Responsibility,Fair go, Understanding, Honesty and Trustworthiness and Integrity.


I understand that in Australia we use democracy to help govern Australia democracy is  we have a prime minister to help govern Australia everyone over the age of 18 votes and the party with the most votes win. Also you vote for your party not the person.when there is and election the parties organised a leader and if your party wins the leader of that party becomes prime minister and the party who won the election forms government.

Is there other ways of deciding which party forms government than an election.

Some questions i should answer

The most important thing I have learnt is about law making it was intriguing to know more and more. what the clerk does make a bill to an act who sits in there it was SO  interesting what made it even more fun is that we got to make our own bill into a law (we did it in groups of 4 to 5 my group was Oliver,Indigo,Declan and Chiara+myself) our bill that we wanted to make women get payed the same amount in every job as men so the EQUAL PAY BILL. was a bill  for an  act to make sure every job was and equal pay for male and female.(for more information about the equal pay bill CLICK HERE

It was also REALLY fun how my group presented there presentation because we made our classroom Parliament and it had to get passed from the house of representatives to the senate.

I am not going to forget this information but use it when I need to like when i am at Canberra or to research more about the topic. when more elections are coming up or learn more from it.


banjo patterson

  1. Australian Banjo Patterson

Banjo Patterson


Banjo Patterson lived in Narrambla.

Patterson real name is Andrew Barton Patterson

In his early days he worked as a farmer and a layer. A very exciting bit of his life was in the First World War he made a group of soldiers in the group he was the ambulance driver of the group in World War 1

Then he became an artist he loved art, art was his passion when he decided to do art he started off with pottery then became an author writing books and stories for all ages he wrote the man from iron bark, The man from snowy river, Clancy of the overflow, they are also rumours he wrote “Waltzing Matilda” Then all of his books became a television commercials.

Another myth is that “he helped create fading”

FUN FACT: He is on the $10 note



BANJO PATTERSON gave everyone a fair go when he was writing books for all ages

He was a caring person when he was in the war and helping everyone safely

He had a passion for art

He gave respect for peoples felling and his own books and others. 




storm at camp


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The teleporter machine


Bever mever retriver

the ball hits the lever

swsish swang samp

down the ramp

moo mang montainer

down in the container

ting tang tist

pull up and twist

ling lang lube

into the tube

citch catch cedge

roll to the  wedge

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