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BTN- coding school


This week we watched a video on coding at Aberfoyle primary school.

Click here to see the  coding BTN video Click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

Aberfoyle park high school has a coding program that happens twice a week at lunch time. It is a way for kids to interact have fun and maybe score a job in the future. The games that different kids have made require some serious strategic thinking.

The way the lunchtimes work is their teacher comes in and does a coding workshop. Which helps them learn more about coding and they can improve.

The coding school has been running for 3 years

How many people are in the coding club?

This is how students describe coding “coding is using different letters or blocks depending what type of code you’re using to make something happen on a digital object.”

The students seem to like it a lot and have a lot of fun which is inspiring and encouraging for young people since coding is said to be big in the future.

I wonder how it is going to change our future and if it will become part of the state school curriculum

The students like that they are being individuals, taking risks and taking on challenges.

They code on tablets and IPads using a coding language called Python, they use Pthon on an app named Pythonista.

Pythonista is known to be an easy coding app which encourages students to code, they build their own games and sometimes design games in teams.

I understand there are different coding programs because I use scratch and they use pythonista so there are many ways you can learn to code.

The process to publishing a game is

  1. planning
  2. start working on pythonista
  3. give their finished game to the teacher for approval
  4. the teacher then sends the game to the app store for anyone in the world to play

 They have seven games in the the app store.

Aberfoyle Park high school is now the first school in the country to be a developer under its own name.

A lot of kids are looking forward to do this their whole life and get an ideal job in the future.

They might just be the inventors of the newest and best app one day.



Light and Electricity Experiment


This week we watched one about A world changing experiment

I strongly recommend watching the video than reading the reflection, it would make much more sense

The link to the video is here…   Click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

At Charterhouse there is a famous sample of a very world changing experiment about electricity and lights in general. Because of this experiment we understand more and can use power. Which is very convenient in the world we live in today.

Stephen Gray did the experiment very carefully and specifically to get the best result. To do this experiment Stephen Gray the inventor of the experiment built a wooden frame and formed the top beam he then attached two swings using silk rope coming off the swings. He had another device called a Hauksbee machine. This machine was carefully designed for generating static electricity.

What was his inspiration to do the experiment?

The way he conducted an experiment was to get an orphan boy from the Charterhouse and then he told the Orphan boy to lie across two swings. Stephen Gray then carefully placed gold leaf in front of him.

He then generated electricity…

By charging the connecting rod that was connected into the boy and the swing.

Gold leaf leapt to the boys fingers. People even believe sparks were coming out of his fingers.

Where did he get the technology and gold leaf to do this experiment?

The way Stephen Gray saw it was quite clever and the way we use power today is based on his observation. He then discovered from his experiment that electricity could move…

This happened from the machine to the boy’s body, through to his hands. But the silk rope stopped it dead. It means the electrical fluid could flow through some things but not through everything.

It opened a new path for Stephen Gray. It divided the world into two different kinds of substances for him. He named them insulators and conductors. Insulators held electric charge within them and made them stand still or make the electricity not move, like the silk rope. Although conductors allowed electricity to flow through them, like the boy.

This observation is crucial even today. The power-lines we have today work on the same system that Gray did his experiment on almost 300 years ago. The wires on the power-lines act as conductors. The glass and the metal are more insulators that stop the electricity leaking from the conductors or wires into the power-line and down to earth. The wires on the power-lines are exactly like the silk rope in Stephan Gray’s experiment…

I understand about why they used power-lines as an example because the experiment is really similar and we need power-lines as they are a big part of our life today. You could also really see the key similarities between the insulators and conductors in power-lines and in Grays experiment.

This is the survey link form survey monkey (COASTAL AMBASSADORS)








Goal: I decided to do a dear diary

Prompt: … as it came rushing towards us we…

Story: If you want to see the 100WC it is on this PDF 100WC dear diary-t67pr2




 …when all of a sudden…

Was to make the story finish with lots of questions left in your head.


“Oh isn’t bed the nicest thing in the world, all soft and relaxing” Ben said to himself. He let his head fall onto the pillow and his thoughts of a wonderful day swished past his brain. Ben shut his eyes tight and fell asleep when all of a sudden he heard screaming from the next room where his little sister was.

“H-E-L-P”! Ben heard.

He rushed in and was left to see the window moving. Ben could only think that someone had just jumped out. Also In sight were Bones and blood and his reflection, from all of his tears on the wooden floor…





Desert adaptations reflection


This term was primarily about adaptations. The unit taught us different adaptations and science. This led us to a fantastic project on a specific desert animal. We decided to do the Namaqua chameleon (desert chameleon) we chose this animal in result it has colour change which is an interesting adaptation. This project consisted of an information report, diagram, model and an experiment. This taught us initiative, working together and key facts and adaptations, although this finished up our unit although we learnt much more to help our understanding knowledge and project. This was our project that we had to do by our self so we had to use initiative and creativity, we had to think about going to each other’s house and how we were going to prepare and present our final project. We also had to think about time management, when to start doing this, when to start doing the q cards, do we have enough time to do this.

I have achieved many things all of them my partner and I are very proud of.  The thing that stood out to me was our experiment. We did a poster that contained our experiment plan, data, graph, observations, reflection and a picture of our animal the Namaqua chameleon. Our experiment was conducted to test if darker the Namaqua chameleon the hotter the chameleon is.

The material we needed consisted of

What you need:

  • 1 copper bar (black)
  • 1 copper bar (white)
  • A clock to time
  • A source of heat
  • An appropriate place
  • Thermal gun to measure heat
  • Gloves

It had variables and controls and we were extremely proud of how our experiment turned out.

We would improve on making our chameleon more realistic.

Our project was split up in to 4 major parts all we had to complete they were:

The information part was about the adaptations and our understanding of the animal and the research and prior knowledge we had from our animal and about information reports

With the experiment we had to conduct an experiment using a specific plan, conduct the experiment write a graph form our data and finish off with an experiment.

Our model was a challenge since it was uncommon animal and we did it with clay we had to go to each other house and finish and paint it. There is also many different ways the chameleon can be modelled so we had to think of which is the most common and which one to do.

We then had our diagram we filled in adaptations and carefully drew it to show as many adaptations as possible.


I have achieved the understanding about adaptations and specifically structural features. Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment At the start of the unit I didn’t know what adaptations mean. Now I can confidently explain what adaptations mean and break it into behavioral and structural adaptations. I also now understand that adaptations help a particular animal survive in its environment and the adaptations they have specifically help them to survive in their own habitat. I also now know that not only animals adapt, but any living thing including plant and humans.

I have achieved the way I plan an experiment and record data and graphs. “Plan an investigation to answer questions and use equipment, technologies and materials safely, identifying potential risk” This was a great opportunity to use what we know about experiments, variables, controls and make our own Experiment. We made and experiment for multiple reasons some reasons are to gain more information on the topic and to see how much rules, control, variables, steps and difficulty is needed for the experiment. Our results were interesting and I would be interested to have another go to see how and why the experiment turned that way and I would also have a clearer focus/goal next time.

As a partnered project one of us couldn’t do everything therefore we decided that we would do the sections and help one another out although our role will be primarily about our strengths. “Reflect on how personal strengths have assisted in achieving success at home, at school or in the community” For example I was better at the power point and collecting information and my partner was more enthusiastic and advanced with the craft and modelling. So we worked off each other and went to one another’s house to finish it all. Although all together we played on one another’s strength to find the advantage.


3 Facts

The Namaqua chameleon colour change using the temperature is a fact I learnt. This fact is really interesting and surprising when I first learnt it. The fact really surprised me since I always knew that any chameleon either changed colour in result of how they were feeling or the camouflaging ability.  The chameleon we studied the (Namaqua chameleon (The desert chameleon) changes colour on their temperature of their body heat. This fact was so surprising. We did an experiment to gain more information.

This is a short passage on colour change from our information

Colour change

  • The Namaqua chameleon changes colour on the temperature. This is a structural feature. This adaption is a really handy because it can be at a perfect temperature whenever. This is a beneficial because it can move, sleep and go on with live without hiding to keep warm or going somewhere to keep cool.


The Namaqua chameleon have special feet. I never knew this although this is a really key adaptation of the Namaqua chameleon it helps it walk and survive in the desert it adapts in. The feet act like snowshoes and are vital in the sandy desert. This information is again very surprising and interesting about the Namaqua chameleon.


This is a short passage on special feet from our information

Special feet

  • Most chameleons live in forest areas so their toes are fused together in groups of two and three. They use their feet to grip onto branches. If the Namaqua had the same feet as forest chameleons, it would have a difficult time moving through the desert. But luckily the Namaqua chameleon can spread its toes. It provides more surface area on the feet and gives it the ability to walk on the sand without sinking. Their feet act like snowshoes on the sand. This is a special characteristic of the Namaqua chameleon.


The Namaqua chameleon also has another key adaptation that is very intriguing and unusual that is the tongue can reach out twice of its body size. The body is around 12cm so the tongue reaching to 24cm. our tongue is about 6-10cm at the most sticking out of he or she’s lip. The Namaqua chameleon tongue is approximately 15% muscle.



This is a short passage on long tongue from our information

Long tongue

  • The Namaqua chameleon has a long tongue this is a structural feature. It has a long tongue because it can go from almost anywhere and reach for tasty prey. The benefit of this is it can sneak up on prey or hide to capture prey at the perfect time.

2 understandings

My first understanding is about the experiment and primarily about the structure to plan the experiment and conduct. The experiment plan we used consisted of

  • What are you trying to find out?
  • Question for investigation:
  • What happens to…?
  • When we change…
  • Prediction:
  • What are you changing?
  • What are you keeping the same?
  • Measuring and observing?
  • What are you going to do?


The experiment plan was the building blocks of our experiment and from there we got everything we needed.  Including thermal gun, heat gun, and black and white copper bar. We then got an appropriate place and time. We then decided to do the experiment outside in result that is its natural habitat in the fresh air over half of its life.

This is the steps in sequence

What are you going to do?

  1. First we put gloves on to stay safe around the heat gun
  2. Then we measure black copper with thermal gun
  3. Heat black copper for 30 seconds
  4. Remove heat and measure immediately
  5. Wait 30 seconds and re-measure heat on black copper
  6. Repeat step 5 2 more times
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 on White copper
  8. Draw graph and write reflection


We did all the steps exactly the same although this experiment plan was really beneficial to get the whole understanding of the experiment to conduct it.

I also now understand the meaning of adaptations and more about them. Here is an example of my understanding on adaptations:

 My understanding of an adaptation:  Is an adaptation is when a living thing has specific features that helps them survive in their habitat/ environment this feature frequently adapts to the living thing to help it suit its environment. This is where the word “adaptation” comes from.

Googles understanding of an adaptation:  An adaptation is a change, that helps an organism, such as a plant or animal, survive in its environment.

Website: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/adaptation/

They are similar with the change in result of moving to a location.


1 wondering

I am still wondering about some key facts of the Namaqua chameleon that we researched about consisting of

The life span

  • I want to learn about life span because I could compare it to the rainforest chameleon. I would also be interested to know what age males, females live up to and if there are diseases that could affect a shorter life.

The diet

  • I want to learn the diet because I could than know what they prey on and I know the predators so I can make a connection and chains.




What is the most important thing I learnt?

I learnt many things in this unit and many surprising facts. I learnt a lot of information because of my project I had very little prior knowledge on the Namaqua chameleon so I had to research many adaptations and facts with my partner.

The first time I went to the aquarium I extended my knowledge on adaptations learning about different sea creature’s adapting. The different adaptations of specific features. The aquarium was a great hands on physical way to interact with animals that have specific adaptations that they have been adapted to over time. Which was the building block of the adaptations process.

How did I learn it?

I learnt everything different ways most of the information very physical not mentally not written which is a better and a good experience which I could clearly remember from getting involved.

Firstly the Namaqua chameleon our own project that was up to us to research gain information of the topic. It was also up to us to present it and write this reflection to reflect. This reflection is also a lot learning about how much we have gained on adaptations, our animals were researched on and the way we conducted our science experiment.

What are you going to do with the information?

This Information is important and extremely beneficial that could help me firstly in secondary school. (Let me explain that)  Secondary school is where many different kids from different schools with a major amount of knowledge. The knowledge can consist of prior knowledge to what they learn every day in class, the point is everyone has different knowledge and I can bring my knowledge and experience for adaptations and Namaqua chameleons.

The lesson and the class time stops here, although the opportunity to keep researching and learn more is unlimited. Questions that I am still wondering about or want to learn more about. Some examples are the basic facts for example

  • Diet
  • Life span
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Specific features

Answers similar to this can help make an advanced project although you still have basic facts that anyone could comprehend.

My feedback is another big part of what I am going to do. Feedback it is a short way to reflect how you have done commonly told by your peers. My partner and I’s feedback was to try and not say all our information since it go long and boring. So next time I will have all my information and power phrase it to fit the criteria including the appropriate time. We also repeated our animal’s adaptations in different wording. So we could research more adaptations and learn more and the audience won’t get bored. In result we would have an engaging and entertaining presentation.
In the end it was a magnificent, exceptional, positive, valuable and unforgettable experience. With opportunity after opportunity. Personally my favorite opportunity was to take initiative and let most of the project be up to us.

There was many interesting facts I learnt and many wonderings and improvements to progress more understandings and knowledge to gain. Which is a superb way to “end” the project left with many questions so it will never be “FINISHED”…!
My Goal overall: My goal was to manage all my information so kids won’t get bored and it can be entertaining and engaging.

My group/ communication goal: My group and communication goal is to not go our separate ways and work together so we don’t go one person does the diagram and the other does the Q cards. We could work together and maybe get it done quicker.







Goal: My goal this time was to write it as a teacher observing work.


This is what my judge (teacher) says about my awesome Paper Mache.

I will try to sum it up in around 75 words.


“I love the Paper Mache it is very creative and effective. It is slightly abstract with a cool effect. The burger looks really real with ever detail of the meat, lettuce, cheese and bun. I especially love how you decided to do food, it would engage anyone. The hands especially caught my eye because they are plain and simple and I know that less is more. Over all it is a good art project and very effective.”

Excel Graphing


I chose the pie graph because the data had diiffernt decimals and percentages. I knew that a pie chart is 100% and my data could add up to 100%.

My data 

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0


Click here to acces my graph

BTN- Darwin bombing


Black- facts


Red -questions

darwin bombing video

One of the biggest historical events in Australia had just had their 75th anniversary on 19th of February 2017.  It was the bombing of Darwin.

Australia has taken risks, sacrifices and changes to be where it is at now. The cars has changed the clothes have changed the laws the responsibility and safety have all changed and Australia defence which comes under war, war was a big impact in Australia. It changed how we are living in a healthy and wealthy country with friendly people and enough safety to be insured that we could be safe.

Australia was a part of group of countries led by Britain, France, United States, Soviet Union and Australia they were a group called the allies. A question I have is did allies come from the word aliasing with countries. On the other hand there was another group called that contained of Germany Italy and Japan. The target for bombs and guns wasn’t just where the war was happening but other places they would attempt to threat.

Australia had a sense that the war was far away from them and they wouldn’t be in any risk of bombs or death. Until 1941. Authorities started to worry about Darwin a small town that was the top of Australia and closest to the war target. The military got concerned about Darwin being bombed by japan. I wonder what gave them the evidence to even think why Darwin would be bombed.  Once the government and the military got the sense about Darwin being bombed they decided it would be safe to move the women and kids to Perth to be safer. They kept the dad and the men left in Darwin to fight and defend themselves.

Sure enough Australia was right Darwin got bombed on February 19th 1942. Japan aim was to destroy our country’s northern deference. On their way they decided to destroy Timor, then they followed by on destroying Darwin. They bombed military bases, the town and harbor they sinking several ships including the US destroyer. They weren’t done though they came back for a second attack soon after. I wonder when they came back again

The 2 attacks were extremely and killed at least 235 people although 400 more were critically injured. It has killed the most people in Australia at a time. This unfortunate record has been held for seventy five years.  There were 90 attacks in the northern territory in that time.

Darwin will never forget the unfortunate, important, upsetting event. So to pay their respect a school did a painting. I understand they did it to let Darwin know they haven’t forgotten. I would love to do a painting to show my respect. I have done one in a Australia.   

Letter 2017


Hi reader

Libby/Libby’s Blog

I am so excited for you to teach me this year and work with all your great creative ideas. I have had a great holiday it was fun exciting and we were always doing thing. it was nice when we eventually got a day to relax and chill at home.

I have been at the school since prep. I have enjoyed every day walking through the school gates. The school is so welcoming and friendly and I just can’t believe I have to end this journey in 1 year. My first teacher was Leigh Richardson she was a great teacher. She taught me a variety of skills and fun facts that I could use in a few years

Here is a crazy teacher/gender pattern that I would like to share with you.

Prep, Leigh Girl
Year 1, Andrea Girl
year 2 , Senada Girl
Year 3, Antony Boy
Year 4, David Boy
Year 5 , mainly Lee Boy
Year 6, Libby (you) Girl


In my spare time I like to dance, I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and I love it. I do 8 styles and do 8 hours. It is great sport and I enjoy it heaps. I am dedicated and practice a lot. I do competitions and my team does pretty well.

I have a twin sister named Jacinta, which is pretty cool and sometimes really annoying, we get along well when we feel like it . She does gymnastics she is also really creative.  We have a lot of fun together. Most of the time we spend most of our time on our electronics, trampoline or playing spit a really fun card game. It takes from 15 mins to 2 hours. We do a lot of fun and funny things together and have a lot of fun.

I have 2 dogs and we are pretty sure they are Border collie cross kelpie. Their names are Busta and Jed. They both love playing fetch and very playful. Busta is normally the lazy one and Jed always listens and is more like a farm dog. They are twin brothers and gets annoyed when any other dog come to their “territory” (home). They are both really good dogs and listen most of the time.

On the holidays we spent most of our time up in Echuca. Our cousins are up there and we always have a fun time. We went to the Murray River for a day, we floated, tubed and went on a boat it was are really cool day. Which was even better,Our cousins also have a pool so we spend hours in there Making up games and playing around.


We watched two movies in Echuca. One was called “Sing “and the other was called “Red Dog True Blue.”   I enjoyed both of the movies so much. Sing was funnier but I like Red Dog True Blue more, I really like how they did the prequel it was really creative especially  the way they ended the movie. I also watched Ballerina with friends and Fantastic beasts at a party.  At our grandparents house we watched Middle School. We were ready for a funny movie from the trailer, but they did a really good job of putting a twist to it and made it a really good movie. The way they didn’t show the twist in the trailer was really cool. I really want to watch Trolls and Lion because they look interesting and engaging on the trailer but there might be a twist…  I have also heard good things about the movies.

One of the biggest highlights of my holidays was going to Cirque Du Soleil.  So many acts made me jump and get really scared but they are professionals so they performed perfectly. The acts that made me jump were the tight rope and the wheel of death. The tight rope was amazing.  They walked, ran on it, piggy backed, skipped on it, rode a bike and rode a double bike with a person sitting on the chair and riding it across. Look at the video of the wheel of death.

This Wheel of Death act was performed By Cirque du soleli  Cirque do soleil official website““`

Another really good day was Kids tennis day which was the Australian open kid’s day. There were fun games, stage shows, activities and rock climbing.  My favorite one was the “bounce” activity that you jump onto a jumping pillow. It was really fun and I did it twice.  Afterwards I went into Rod Laver Arena and we saw Daria Gavrilova, Milos Raonic, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. They mucked around and played little games.  We also got front row seats which was awesome..

The last exciting thing we did was go to the official Carlton VS Collingwood womens football match.  It was a great game. Collingwood got smashed which I was upset about because I was going for Collingwood. There were about 24 000 people at the game.  They had to lock out some people as well. After the games we stayed and kicked the footy on the ground which great and it was a really cool opportunity.. Afterwards we stayed and met all the players it was worth it because we got about 25 signatures and a lot of photos.

I had a really great time on the holidays and I hope you learnt some facts about me.



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