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Safety internet day



Safe webinar

Today is safety internet day. To learn about safety internet day we did a school webinar all across Victoria. The webinar reached 128 countries celebrating safety internet day.

The webinar we learnt about social media, privacy and personal details. We learnt that you should always make sure you are not putting out personal info on your social media.

We also learnt that when your famous you could get rich and you could meet your biggest heroes although you still have to be safe especially on line. You could get notice every time you walk to the shops or going to school / park.

We also learnt that there are a few websites that can help us with these problems like kidshelpline.com.au and e-safety website. Both gives you advice about cyber bullying.

An example of this is lolly Jam. A kid thought it would be a great idea to enter, although she had to put an application in of her making her lolly creation. She thought it was great that her video reached over 900 views but her dad told her once she was famous there was no more privacy. So that meant that or anyone could put anything about her on. Then she started to realise it wasn’t cool to be famous because people stole her privacy and identity as well as having embarrassing nasty comments posted about her. Someone posted a really nasty comment about her saying that she ugly and that her sugary creation was garbage. She had no idea what to do. We thought that she could have told a trusted adult or ignore the comment.

We also have a privilege to have rights on the web such as feeling safe and secure to be different and to have privacy.

Earth to mars


Space – earth to mars

Space X stated goal is to get from earth to mars and have a civilisation on mars with 8,000 people living there. On the 27th of September 2016 Elon musk gave a talk about how they are going to make a civilisation on mars. The MCT or mars colonial transporter space ship that they want to take can hold up to 100 people or 100 tons of cargo. The Big falcon rocket is the rocket of the ship with maximum reusability. The jobs people would do is astronomy planetary science life science and engineering. Then you would have Geologists, astronomers, cytologist’s philosopher to find food and fruit to live. Then you have got administrators maintenance and chefs but they need transportation shelter and money and food to eat. But we can do that on mars because it is the only self-efficient planet apart from earth with water fuel and air.

How are the going to walk or build with out much atmosphere and gravity? Also how would they be able start cities or countries because mars is almost just dirt?

I understand they have a stabled rocket and enough life on mars but still a civilisation on mars.  (Crazy)






prompt: Sunshine,   Ice,    Frightened,    Purple,    Flew

Goal: Is to change the scene creatively and express the characters feeling.

Story: The sunshine was shining through my clear glass windows the purple hot air balloons flew over me. Another day of warm relaxing and nothing to do.

Then I heard beep, beep, and beep and thump. It was so annoying because it was my alarm and my younger brother. Then mum said time to get up in her French accent, it drives me insane I looked at the clock, 20 mins to school starts. I was so frightened and still. When I was ready for school I put ice on my head because I went so fast getting ready I was exhausted.

Term 2 reflection


This is my term 2 science reflection 

This is my reflection on how we went and what we did in term 2 science reflection

Term 2 reflection

education week


Today we did a virtual classroom/webinar on this link  click here

This week is education week we were learning how to be a good bystander. We got to join a virtual classroom. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO BULLYING and Every one should know how to be a SUPPORTIVE BYSTANDER! I wonder if there will be more virtual classrooms on being a supportive bystander in new classrooms so everyone can learn how to be an appropriate supportive and helping bystander.

Thanks Sandra & Kelly

Future webinars:

  • Social media comets
  • Password hacking
  • Blocking and reporting



Prompt: stair way to the sky

“Rachel have you heard the myth going around the school apparently on the 5th floor and room 593,Johnny’s room or something  there is a…  stair way to the sky.” Whispered Isabel. “What are you waiting for let’s go and explore It. Come on Isabel, mum picks me up in 1 hour and 59 minutes exclaimed Rachel.” “I’m coming settle down. Said Isabel” When the girls made their first step into the stair way to the sky they were so nervous once they did twenty more steps they reached the top. They knew they would make sure to be here forever





BTN-the speaker’s job



The speaker runs the whole show, call people to speak and make sure everyone follows the rules and make punishments if they don’t follow the rules. In the 13th century the speaker would pass on information to the king if the king would not like the information he speaker could be held under bars or head chopped off. Even of the speaker is on one side she still has to make sure it is fair and equally.

I understand tradition is a big part since it is a major role in the early days you did have to wear a gown and the speaker has very important roles such as still have to look after your electron and do duties outside parliament house.

How does the speaker get the speaker job?

BTN -Govern General



In 1975 John Kerr sacked the Prime Minister because if you’re Govern General you have the ability to flick the PM. The governor general goes to at least 1 event a day so she is very busy. Quentin Bryce was the first ever female Governor General.

I understand that Governor General is a cool job because you get you own V.I.P plane also a mansion as your home and a lovely relaxing holiday and get a lot of money and your dream car but you are very busy there is a lot of responsibilities like traveling the world super official government stuff you have to read and make speech meet A LOT of people. Also you have to a dedicated hard worker and stand out in lead issues to be asked to be the Governor General.

Who can sack the Governor General?

How a bill is made




In this lesson we learnt about how a bill was passed in federal parliament. There are basically three step to become a law  first the house of representatives and if it gets approved it goes to the senate once they approve it has to be signed my Govern general



My group developed a bill on equal pay right now in most jobs women get payed less than men.

(here is more information about equal pay and how it is unfair)  

Equal pay is a wrong act…



4 questions

  • Why do women get payed less? Women get payed less because men thing there not smart enough or too emotional.
  • Why is it still happening? Some Men don’t see women equal.
  • What jobs do men get paid a lot more than women? Acting and mostly professional jobs.
  • What is wrong with women for them to get paid less than men? Some men think they are the better and stronger gender and they should get payed more than women.


  • The bill about women getting payed more than men is a wrong act, A Bill for an act is in every single job, all genders should be payed the same amount.

3 Arguments


  • It is unfair for men as well. If they are married they have the burden to pay the bills, feed the family, pay school fees and pay for work as well! It would be too much for 1 itty-bitty man to do.
  • We are all humans we are no different from another, so why are we acting live women are NOT important.
  • 69% of marriages end in divorced so women need to work to get money and live.


  • (Most)Men work harder than women so they should get the reward (which is more money than women)
  • Woman take time off from work to have children and take care of them, so they aren’t as committed to their jobs as men, so men should be paid more.
  • Male dominated work has historically been better paid and better organised than female dominated work.


      TASK 6            


(I agree that equal pay is an unfair system and should be changed…


I agree with my bill I think it is fair no matter who we are or even what our appearance looks like if men or women white or black human or alien we should all get payed he same amount. If someone works in a pizza shop as a female business and some males have a pizza shop the males business would get more money even if the women had better pizza.  When our group was in the (first stage of making a law) cabinet deciding how to make the equal pay bill a law.


My group was

We worked pretty well at the start together and gradually got better and better we would get off task here and there but easily got back on track once someone told us. We never had a group leader though everyone told people a suggestion of something to do we all put input and had a lot of discussion.

Revised Bill

If the job is the same, then both genders should get paid the same amount.
Indigo, Ebony, Chiara, Oliver and Declan



321 (3 Facts, 2 Understandings and 1 Question)

I learnt that in the Australian parliament they pass a bill in a formal way, the same way every time with many rules to follow. Another thing I learnt was that there are many people involved in this, we have the Speaker the Clerk and the Searjent-at-Arms. Also on a rare occasion the speaker will call a “conscience vote” which means all members of parliament vote but they don’t have to vote for there party they can vote for the opposition or another party altogether they do what they believe in.

I understand now that the main person of the House of Representative passing a bill is NOT the Prime Minister he or she is known as the Speaker. I also now understand that before it comes a bill it has to go through the House of Representatives and then the Senate ’till it becomes a law.

My question is how many parties go to the senate and house of representatives?



BTN constitution


I learnt that constitution is a book how Australian is run and also some say it is the birth certificate of Australia.  On 1967 they had a referendum which is something like an election but instead you say yes or no there were more yes votes so aboriginals were allowed to be a part of Australia’s laws and rules it might not look awesome but it is the most important legal document in the whole country.

I now understand why they want to chance it more because they want aboriginals to be more involved and that people think we don’t need another change of constitution because it is a lot of money and hard to get everyone on their side

How do you plan a referendum

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