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Goal: My goal this time was to write it as a teacher observing work.


This is what my judge (teacher) says about my awesome Paper Mache.

I will try to sum it up in around 75 words.


“I love the Paper Mache it is very creative and effective. It is slightly abstract with a cool effect. The burger looks really real with ever detail of the meat, lettuce, cheese and bun. I especially love how you decided to do food, it would engage anyone. The hands especially caught my eye because they are plain and simple and I know that less is more. Over all it is a good art project and very effective.”

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Excel Graphing


I chose the pie graph because the data had diiffernt decimals and percentages. I knew that a pie chart is 100% and my data could add up to 100%.

My data 

% of worlds wealth held in 2005
Richest 10% 58.2
2nd Richest 10% 16.8
3rd Richest 10% 10.5
4th Richest 10% 6.5
5th Richest 10% 4.4
6th Richest 10% 2.5
7th Richest 10% 0.9
8th Richest 10% 0.2
9th Richest 10% 0.1
Poorest 10% 0


Click here to acces my graph

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BTN-House Pricing


This weeks BTN was about house pricing in Australia. It was a little bit about other countries with different house pricing.

This was the video…click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

Lately in the housing department they have been worried that the not many first home buyers could afford an ideal house that would suit them. 

Houses are the most expensive things an average person would ever buy.  They are also getting more expensive very quickly.

The average house price in Australia is now about $656,800.

To afford all that money, most people go to the bank and borrow money.  Although getting money from the bank is fine, even though you get charged interest.

Houses have never been more expensive then now.

Australian workers on average earn 10 times more than what they did 40 years ago, although houses are now 30 times more as what they were 40 years ago.

House prices were cheaper in the olden days and now they are much more expensive.

I understand why house prices are more expensive because times have changed and in the olden days they had bigger issues like convicts, world wars and poverty. Not worrying about houses and house pricing.   

Other countries around the world are struggling with house prices, such as NYC, London, Tokyo, Paris and Denmark are having much bigger issues with house pricing.

Some creative options if you are struggling are:

  • House boats
  • Old shipping containers


The countries that have the biggest problems with house pricing are Britain, America, Canada and Europe.

Australia’s new federal budget is making it easier and more affordable for first home buyers. It is also making it harder for people overseas to buy homes as an investment. So Australian’s won’t need to compete against them to buy a house. They are encouraging older people to sell their home and move into smaller houses so new owners and young families can live in their suitable house.

I understand why they are encouraging older people to sell their house because older people could give first home buyers a good start home and older people might want a smaller home to live in.

Do first home buyers get money off on their first home?

Australia still has a lot to do before we have perfect house pricing…

Until housing dreams will one day come true…

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Goal: to have it as a recount and a dear diary so I had to use appropriate words and feelings about how an older sister would react to her younger brother.

Dear diary,
My little brother is an absolute dill or should I say jerk.
Today he came at me with his new orange crocodile suit. He actually thought he looked like a crocodile. With his smile wide  and his hands going up and down, he was coming for me. He was within a metre till he would “get me”.  I didn’t want to be a 2 year old and RUN so I collapsed. Turns out he walked straight past me and went for dad. I was the dill or should I say jerk. My brother turned around and laughed . So I said “I will get you next time…”

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BTN- Debt


This weeks video was about debt and the difference between good and bad debt.

This is the video… click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

Debt is when you borrow money because you can’t afford to buy something when you need or want it quickly. You borrow the money at the time to get what you need and pay back the money later.

If there was no debt how would that affect our lives?

Many different country’s borrow money and most end up being in Debt, even Australia…

That is because governments get loans from a bank to build things, to get better education and to help out with more happening in our country and our society.

Debt also makes you pay interest…

For some time now Australia is trying to work on not being in so much debt. The government is trying hard to get to a surplus which is where the government has money left over after paying for everything they need to.  It is difficult to get to a surplus because the government still needs to buy things to make Australia better. Although the government won’t give up.

This is where Good debt and Bad debt comes in…

Just recently Treasurer Scott Morrison has said, Australia should be looking at debt a bit differently as good and bad debt.

Bad debt is buying things on the internet and things you want for example

  • A non-managed credit card
  • Expensive car if you can’t afford it
  • money for a holiday
  • Jewellery or some precious figurines

Anything that you can’t benefit from. Thing you have to be careful before you buy.




Good debt is things you need that will make you money in the future and things you would need to live, for example


  • Houses
  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Car

Things that will give you more money in the future. Ask yourself “can I pay this back one day?”


Is technology good or bad debt? 


The government uses good debt for infrastructure because it helps people. Fountains, badges and fancy things are bad debt.


I understand the difference between good and bad debt. Good debt is when you buy something you can afford to pay back later and will benefit you in the future. You don’t use debt as an advantage to get new toys or clothes or something that entertains you. Then bad debt is when you buy something that has no purpose and it goes down in value.


If you’re prepared to be in debt think about this

“Can I pay for it later or will this benefit me in future”



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100WC Dinner table



Goal: To make my 100wc more a list of ideas with more information. I also wanted to make it (same as the slime   (slime 100WC) ) But to have so people can read it and interact with it try it out physically at their house or another place.

Prompt: …I just couldn’t eat something so…

click here to acess my 100w

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BTN- citizen ship changes


This weeks video was on how the government wants to make citizenship changes.

This is the video… click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

Julia Galliard, Keith Urban, Sophie Monk and the founders of AC/DC all came to Australia. They weren’t born in Australia, they decided to come to Australia and they also decided to become Australian citizens. They aren’t refugees because they didn’t escape from where they lived, they decided to come here by choice.

Anyone that was born here automatically became an Australian citizen without doing any tests.

Although the people I mentioned before had to do a test and fill in paperwork to become a citizen of Australia. Once you have registered and passed the test you can officially be an Australia citizen you get to be an “official Aussie” with the same rights and responsibilities as any regular Aussie.

The benefits of becoming a citizen is you get to vote, pay accurate taxes and get to live in Australia permanently.

Every year more than 100 000 people from 200 different nations get given this important piece of paper (kind of like a certificate) that tells you, you are an official Australian citizen they also have to enter this really important ceremony and swear an oath to be loyal to Australia.

What are specific nations that come regulary?

Our government says “It should be an honour that is only given to people that claim to up hold our country‘s laws and values”.  So that’s why the government wants to make a change to the process of becoming an Australian Citizen.

In 1997 John Howard then prime minister made a test, written in English and it is multiple choice including questions on our history, culture and values. Every 18 to 60 year old has to take the test they also have to be permanent resident for At least a year to take the test.

I wonder why John Howard decided to make a test?

The government has decided to make the test harder so Australia will be safer.

The criteria is

  • You have to have lived permanently for 4 years
  • They will have to undergo more tougher criminal background checks
  • Questions will be added to prove that you can speak English fluently
  • Agree with respecting woman
  • Agree with respecting kids rights
  • Limited times you can do the test if you fail

New citizens will prove they can fit into society. So they will have to work, send kids to school, join a club /committee and show how they can be a true Aussie.

Some say there is no point in doing a test because tests can’t show everyone’s values and when it is a tougher test with fluent English it could exclude others that are still learning English.

I understand why they need to change the test because it is important for Australia to be a safe country. Some people could come when they shouldn’t be, or in a gang.  

But this thought has to still have to go through parliament…

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100WC – slime


My goal: Was to make a procedure text on how to make slime.

Prompt:  the slime dripped through

click here to accses my 100wc

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100WC- Ant


 click hereto access my 1oowc



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BTN-cloud Atlas


This week I watched a video about cloud atlas…

This is the cloud atlas video… click here


Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green =  Questions

Black  = More Information

Clouds are something you don’t take much notice of. Although sometimes you do take notice when it is raining or you’re spending some time figuring out a shape in the sky.

Although there are many more things that happen to clouds.

Clouds form when warm air rises and then slowly cools down.  The water then decreases and turns into icy particles, then the particles go onto dusty particles and that is why you can see fuzzy /fluffy looking masses in the sky.

Cloud are actually really handy and important in our universe and atmosphere. They help regulate our planets temperature and clouds also bring rain and snow. Meteorologists use them to help learn more about weather and climates around our universe.

That is why we have a cloud atlas that is about 140 years old and very handy for meteorologists. It has practically become a catalogue for cloud formations and cloud species. It has different clouds pictures, definitions and explanations from all around the world.

I understand that clouds have their own species just like animals. So every cloud is a different species and has its own scientific cloud name.

Check this link to find out more www.cloudatlas.com  and this link www.cloudappreciationsociety.com

For the first time in 10 years the cloud atlas has let new clouds be added. It was originally a hard copy on paper, although with the technology we have now they decided to put it online.

Why wouldn’t they let people put their ideas in the cloud atlas for 130 years?

(I am sure people got photos of cool clouds in between 140 years.)

There has been a new species just recently added called the volutus. It is a cloud that is known as the morning glory.

One iconic cloud is called the Asperitas that looks like a rough dark sea from the surface. This cloud has a Tasmanian connection. The person that photographed to identify this cloud is a Tasmanian Grandfather named Garry.

I understand how hard it would be to take an exact photograph of the cloud you are looking for because there are no “cloud experts” that will tell you when this cloud is coming, so you would have to judge it really well and accurately to find the cloud you are looking for.  

So keep your eye in the sky because you just might see a cloud around…

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